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1 x Mixed Cooking Sauces 12 x 180g

1 x Goose Fat 6 x 320g

1 x Lamb & Mint Gravy

1 x Onion Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x Highgrove Bread Sauce Mix 12 x 140g

1 x Crispy Crackled Pork Bites 20 x 65g

1 x Chicken Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x 9. Lovely! Sweet Mint Jelly 12 x 227g

1 x Beef Stock 8 x 250g

1 x Chestnut Stuffing Mix 12 x 150g

1 x Beef Dripping 12 x 250g

1 x Chicken Stock 8 x 250g

1 x 8. Lovely! Redcurrant & Port Jelly 12 x 227g

1 x Beef Dripping 12 x 500g

1 x Cranberry Orange & Chestnut Stuffing Mix 12 x 150g

1 x Whole Peeled Chestnuts 12 x 200g

1 x 6. Lovely! Chilli Jam 12 x 227g

1 x Highgrove Traditional Beef Suet 12 x 200g


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Highgrove Fine Fats

A range of Fats perfect for roasting and frying for all occasions.

Goose Fat still making the perfect roast potatoes and not just for Christmas. Highgrove Goose Fat is packed in the UK using fat only from fully traceable flocks of geese.

British Duck Fat also an incredibly versatile fat with a high burn point making it especially suitable for roasting vegetables and potatoes. An essential ingredient for confit of duck for which we have recipe cards available on request.

British Beef Dripping Pure beef dripping produced and packed in the UK. Perfect for deep fried chips. (Please note prices may vary due to raw material cost charges)

 2. British Duck Fat 12 x 180g 
 2. British Duck Fat 12 x 180g 
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 Beef Dripping 12 x 250g 
 Beef Dripping 12 x 250g 
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 Beef Dripping 12 x 500g 
 Beef Dripping 12 x 500g 
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 British Duck Fat 6 x 320g 
 British Duck Fat 6 x 320g 
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 Goose Fat 6 x 320g 
 Goose Fat 6 x 320g 
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