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1 x Chicken Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x Goose Fat 6 x 320g

1 x 2. Horseradish Sauce 12 x 180g

1 x 9. Lovely! Sweet Mint Jelly 12 x 227g

1 x Beef Stock 8 x 250g

1 x Chestnut Stuffing Mix 12 x 150g

1 x Beef Dripping 12 x 500g

1 x Highgrove Bread Sauce Mix 12 x 140g

1 x Crispy Crackled Pork Bites 20 x 65g

1 x Beef Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x Beef Dripping 12 x 250g

1 x Chicken Stock 8 x 250g

1 x 8. Lovely! Redcurrant & Port Jelly 12 x 227g

1 x Cranberry Orange & Chestnut Stuffing Mix 12 x 150g

1 x Highgrove British Beef Dripping glass jar 8 x 200g

1 x 6. Lovely! Chilli Jam 12 x 227g

1 x 1. Goose Fat 12 x 180g

1 x British Duck Fat 6 x 320g

1 x Highgrove Traditional Beef Suet 12 x 200g

1 x Whole Peeled Chestnuts 12 x 200g

1 x Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix 12 x 150g

1 x Mixed Cooking Sauces 12 x 180g

1 x Lamb & Mint Gravy

1 x Onion Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x Smoke it All BBQ Smoker

1 x Wild Boar Paté 12 x 180g

1 x 3. Cranberry Sauce 12 x 200g


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Cooking Ingredients

Highgrove Ham Glaze Sweet and tangy made with honey and mustard and transforms a plain boiled ham to a perfect, full of flavour roast ham. Don’t just save this glaze for ham as it is also great for pork, chicken and sausages.

Traditional British Beef Suet for beautifully light, fluffy dumplings, pies, puddings and pastries, giving you delicious results every time .

Highgrove Whole Peeled Chestnuts are whole peeled and cooked and vacuum packed for freshness. Perfect for chestnut stuffing and accompanying vegetables, especially sprouts. Don’t just keep them for Christmas as they make a delicious year round ingredient for sweet and savoury dishes.

 Highgrove Traditional Beef Suet 12 x 200g 
 Highgrove Traditional Beef Suet 12 x 200g 
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 Whole Peeled Chestnuts 12 x 200g 
 Whole Peeled Chestnuts 12 x 200g 
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