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All our condiments are hand prepared with the finest ingredients. Apple Sauce is perfect for roast pork and sausages. Cranberry Sauce is packed with juicy, tangy cranberries perfect with Turkey, but not just for Christmas! English Wholegrain Mustard has a hot touch and is perfect with meat and cheese. Horseradish Sauce is a lively hot sauce perfect with roast beef and smoked fish. Mint Sauce is sweet yet tangy and a perfect accompaniment to roast lamb.

New Lovely Range includes Red Onion Marmalade – soft and sticky, it’s great with pates and terrines or a Ploughman’s lunch; and Chilli Jam – this has a kick but won’t blow your head off, goes well with any selection of cold meats. Try it in your next bacon butty……Lovely

 Cranberry Sauce 12 x 200g 
 Cranberry Sauce 12 x 200g 
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