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1 x Beef Dripping 12 x 500g

1 x Goose Fat 6 x 320g

1 x 8. Lovely! Redcurrant & Port Jelly 12 x 227g

1 x Beef Dripping 12 x 250g

1 x 2. Horseradish Sauce 12 x 180g

1 x 7. Lovely! Red Onion Marmalade 12 x 227g

1 x Highgrove British Beef Dripping glass jar 8 x 200g

1 x 2. British Duck Fat 12 x 180g

1 x 3. Cranberry Sauce 12 x 200g

1 x 6. Lovely! Chilli Jam 12 x 227g

1 x 9. Lovely! Sweet Mint Jelly 12 x 227g

1 x Onion Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x Chicken Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x Beef Stock 8 x 250g

1 x Lamb & Mint Gravy

1 x Chicken Stock 8 x 250g

1 x Beef Gravy 8 x 220g

1 x Cranberry Orange & Chestnut Stuffing Mix 12 x 150g

1 x Ham Glaze 12 x 185g

1 x Highgrove Traditional Beef Suet 12 x 200g

1 x Wild Boar Paté 12 x 180g

1 x Whole Peeled Chestnuts 12 x 200g

1 x Farmhouse Paté 12 x 180g

1 x Chestnut Stuffing Mix 12 x 150g

1 x Duck Paté with Armagnac 12 x 180g

1 x Highgrove Bread Sauce Mix 12 x 140g

1 x Smoke it All BBQ Smoker

1 x Crispy Crackled Pork Bites 20 x 65g


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Highgrove Fine Foods is a small but growing part of Highgrove Food Distribution Ltd, based in Wiltshire, specialising in a range of products for butchers, delicatessens and farm shops. Our aim is to provide a core range with seasonal additions. Please look through the site for the current range. Orders can be placed online, by phone, email or fax - please check the ordering options page for full details.

Delivery Information
For the UK mainland we operate a free delivery service for all orders of 5 cases or more. Orders below 5 cases will incur a delivery charge of £25.00 plus VAT. Special Offer lines do not count towards order quantity. For deliveries outside mainland UK please contact us to confirm delivery charges.